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We list colleges based on our internal ranking formula. Ranking is determined by many attributes of a college as well as public opinion. College ranking is an estimate only. We believe a college ranked in the top 100 is extraordinary and will pass its great reputation onto you through your resume.

Note that the college rank appears beneath each individual college listing.

A Top College ranking does not necessarily reflect on a College’s ability to provide quality courses in a given subject matter. Some Universities are strong in Research & Science whereas others may excel in Business. College programs at a given college can vary greatly in quality and depend on the faculty and other factors, therefore, please do your research and pick your College & Program wisely. It is also not about the best online college in the world, but rather the best online college for you.

Our 2020 College Ranking for Worldwide Top Colleges including Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and Great Britain.

College Ranking (World)

1. Stanford University

2. Harvard University

3. University of Cambridge

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

5. University of Oxford

6. Princeton University

7. Unive’rsity of Chicago

8. Caltech – California Institute of Technology

9. Berkeley – University of California

Colleges From 10 to 15

Colleges From 16 to 25

University College at the University of Toronto